Produce, Canning & Baking

Please Read Carefully

Check In        Saturday, October  14th,        9 am – 2 pm

                         Sunday, October 15th,             1 pm – 4 pm

Check Out    Sunday, October 22nd,             2 pm – 5 pm

Check In will be at the Main Entrance of the Fairgrounds.  Park in the main parking lot.  No cars will be allowed in the fairgrounds.  There will be an express line for those who entered using FairEntry.

  • These rules govern any Produce, Baked Goods or Canned Goods entered in the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair.
  • While every reasonable precaution will be taken for safeguarding entries, it should be understood they are entered in competition for prizes and that the owner assumes all responsibility for any accident, loss or damage that may occur.  Neither the Fair Management its officers nor agents will be responsible for any such accident loss or damage.
  • Any exhibits entered shall be subject to the control of the Director of Ag Products.
  • Exhibits which display or distribute material of a controversial or political nature will not be permitted.
  • All entries must be registered at FairEntry.
  • All entries must be checked in by 4 PM on Sunday, otherwise they will not be considered by the judges.
  • Judging will take place Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Exhibitors are not allowed in the building during judging.
  • Judges will be appointed by the Fair Committee.
  • The decision of the Judges will be final.
  • Open to all youth under 18 years old and adults 19 and over in the seven county area, Bulloch, Bryan, Candler, Evans, Jenkins, Screven and Screven.
  • All articles, after being entered and until surrendered to the owner or agent will be entirely under the control and jurisdiction of the Fair Management.  No exhibitor will be allowed to remove, handle, rearrange, improve or disfigure exhibit.
  • If any exhibitor rudely refuses to comply with these regulations or final judgements, he/she will be disqualified from receiving all premiums and barred from future entries until proper amends have been made.  The reinstatement of the offending party will depend on a unanimous vote by the Fair Committee.
  • No Smoking, lighted candles, lamps, matches, etc. will be allowed in display or building.
  • Produce should be fresh, high quality and clean as possible.  If any produce starts to “go bad” late in the week it will be discarded.  Ribbons and dividends will still be in effect.
  • Clear clam shells will be provided at check in for baked goods. Sheets cakes should
  • Bush entries such as cotton please tie together at the root end with twine or like material as these will be hung by twine.
  • It is suggested that tall entries like corn stalks or sugar cane be tied with twine at each end and in the middle.
  • be covered with CLEAR plastic wrap.
  • Do not decorate the clear covering.
  • Recipes should be printed or typed neatly on an index card and attached to the bottom of baked goods for judges eyes only.
  • If you do not see a category for your produce at FairEntry, please enter it under miscellaneous.
  • Jars can have toppers but do not paint or use foam decorations on jars.
  • Any produce, canned or baked good not picked up by 5 pm October 22d, will be discarded.
  • Any prize money  not collected by 5 pm Sunday, October 22nd will be forfeited.

Prize Money is the same for Youth & Adult Divisions:

1st Place $9      2nd Place $7     3rd Place  $5