4-H Mini Booth

Please Read Carefully.

***FAIR DATES: October 16-21, 2023*** 

Install @ Fairgrounds in Statesboro on Saturday, October 14 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon 

Must Register with 4-H Office by calling your local County Extension/4-H Office before October 1 

Space is limited 

Eligible Counties: Bulloch, Burke, Bryan, Candler, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Jenkins, Laurens, Long, Screven, Tattnall, Toombs, Treutlen, Wayne 

Mini Booth Rules

•All work must be done by the exhibitor. Help from family members is permitted. 

• The mini-booth you enter for the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair, cannot be used in any other fair and cannot be a previous Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair entry. 

• The 4-H’er and their family are responsible for installing and removing the mini-booth display. Installation is on Saturday, October 14 from 9:00 am-12:00 noon. Late installation is not allowed. 

• Removal is Sunday, October 22 from 2:00-4:00 PM. 

• Mini-booths must conform to the space allowed. Most spaces are 28” deep, 31” wide and 28” tall. Tri-boards can be taller than 28” tall. We DO NOT recommend you pre-build your entire display. Spaces can vary slightly. 

• 4-H and Statesboro Kiwanis Club are not responsible for any items in booth; however, wiring is placed in front of booths to protect them. 

• All mini-booths will be judged before the fair opens on Monday afternoon. 

• Prize money should be claimed from the prize money window at Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair during fair hours or on Sunday, October 22 from 2:00-3:00 PM. 

• NO STAPLES ALLOWED. Bring heavy duty glue, poster putty, glue dots, spray adhesive, etc. with you to set-up if you need to tidy up your posters. 

• NO perishable items allowed including real food, sugar, etc. that attracts insects. 

A Marvelous Mini-Booth Is 

•Fun-You can do your mini-booth project on anything that interests YOU! Have fun with it! Example topics: favorite sport/hobby, animals, plants, agriculture, Interesting people or places, healthy living, science/nature, current event, history, etc. You name it!!! 

• Educational—Make sure all information is factual and from reliable sources. 

• Well-planned—Brainstorm ideas before beginning and sketch it out before starting. Make sure your booth gets your point across, has correct and up-to-date information and is interesting! 

• Has a Theme—Choose a simple theme and stick to that idea! A catchy title helps too! 

• Neat and Easy to Read—Use 3 sheets of foam board, poster board or a tri-board (no more, no less). Make sure all letters are at least 1 inch high. Titles and headings should be larger than content. Computer generated text or punch-out bulletin board letters look best. Be sure information is easy to read and see. Check for spelling errors! Read over everything to be sure it’s correctly written. 

• Eye Catching—Be sure to use colors that compliment each other and help your words stand out (ex. dark letters on light background or light letters on dark background). Feel free to use clip art, personal photos and stock images. 

• Has a Floor Display—Be creative! Use something unique such as wrapping paper, straw or fabric. Do not use anything valuable…we will not be responsible for items used in your mini-booth. ***FLOOR DISPLAY IS A REQUIREMENT OF A MINI-BOOTH*** 

• Well Constructed-posters, foam board, cardboard and tri-boards work great for mini-booths. The exhibit building is very hot and humid, so use rubber cement, hot glue or other heavy duty glues on lettering. Regular Elmer’s glue will not hold up. 

Judging and Prize Information 

Exhibits will be judged as follows: 

•BLUE RIBBON + $10: excellent quality, very educational. follows all rules, complete floor display 

•RED RIBBON + $7: good quality, somewhat educational, follows most rules, incomplete floor display 

•WHITE RIBBON + $5: fair quality, lacks educational material, doesn’t follow rules, no floor display 

• All BLUE Ribbons will be re-judged for the following GRAND PRIZES and will receive additional prize money and ribbon 

•Grand Champion: Cloverleaf ($25), Junior ($30), Senior ($40) 

•Reserve Champion: Cloverleaf ($20), Junior ($25), Senior ($30) 

•Third Overall: Cloverleaf ($15), Junior ($20), Senior ($20) 

• All BLUE Ribbons (excluding grade prize winners will be re-judged for the following categories and will receive additional prize money ($10) and a certificate. 

•Most Original Topic (Cloverleaf, Junior, Senior) 

•Most Organized/Neatest (Cloverleaf, Junior, Senior) 

•Most Creative (Cloverleaf, Junior, Senior) 

•Most Educational (Cloverleaf, Junior, Senior) 

•Best Floor Display (Cloverleaf, Junior, Senior) 

•Special Prizes are also awarded for the best displays in the following categories: 

•Honeybees (sponsored by Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association) 

•Must showcase importance of honeybees and use local bee products 

•Gardening (sponsored by Civic Garden Club of Statesboro) 

•Agriculture (sponsored by AgSouth Farm Credit) 

In the event circumstances beyond our control so disrupts our planned schedules as to necessitate curtailment of activities and operations, the Fair Management reserves the right, and the exhibitor agrees to pro-rate premium and prize money herein cataloged on a basis of actual conditions existing from such causes before or during the period of the fair.

  • Exhibits are judged by comparison and on a competitive basis. Where there is but one article exhibited under any class number a first place cannot be given.  In this instance, if the article is meritorious, second place prize money will be paid.
  • Premiums will not be paid according to ribbons, but by awards shown in the judges’ Record Books; ribbons do not always mean money prizes, and they may sometimes be attached by mistake, or may be misplaced or lost.
  • All blue ribbons excluding grand prizes will be re-judged in each category for the best in the following categories:
    • Originality of Idea
    • Neatness
    • Creativity in Carrying Idea

All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and must be completed since previous fair.

Only one mini-booth can be entered per exhibitor. Each county will have a quota of booths.

Exhibits must conform to the space allotted. The space will be 28” deep, 31” wide and 28” high.

Exhibits must be labeled with name, project, organization and county.

Exhibits will be judged accordingly:

Theme                          15 points

Attracts Attention        20 points

Educational Value        15 points

Arrangement                15 points

Originality                    15 points

General Appearance   15 points

*An overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded to the best three entries in each division. Category prizes will receive $10.00 and a certificate instead of a ribbon.  These exhibits will compete against each other for Grand Prize money.

Any prize money not picked up by 5 pm Sunday, October 22nd will be forfeited.


Exhibits will be grouped and judged as follows:

All Excellent Blue Ribbon    $7.00

All Good Red Ribbon          $5.00

All Fair White Ribbon          $3.00

All Blue ribbons in each group will be judged for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grand prize

Clover Leaf (Grades 5-6)

1st Place $25                      

2nd Place $20    

3rd  Place $15

Junior (Grades 7-8)

1st Place $30                      

2nd Place $25    

3rd  Place $20

Senior (Grades 9-12)

1st Place $40                      

2nd Place $30    

3rd  Place $20

All Blue Ribbons excluding grand prizes will be re-judged in each category for the best in the following categories:


Educational Value


Best Floor Booth Display

Creativity in Carrying Idea (see * above)

Organizations with the greatest number of entries will be awarded:

1st Place $100                      

2nd Place $75    

3rd  Place $50

4th  Place $25